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Bishop. Dr. ISAIAH Mrs. Ravi Kumari

Bishop. Dr. ISAIAH : I feel very happy to share my testimony with you kind prayers read as follow : I am the 7th issue to my parents apostle pamula joseph and jamayamma, residence of kollipar village , kollipara mandal , guntur district, andhra pradesh state, India . My parents have strong belief and faith in pente costal fellowship. they dedicated their lives to the service of our lord working at several places at tadepalli cement factory, kollipara, krishnayapalem, navaluru and in its surrounding remote rural villages and won many a perishing souls part of spreading the lord's kingdom.

When i was a child living at kollipara village , i am soaked with "Diarrhea" Doctors who treated me declared that my survival is very critical since my bowels are badly damaged. at that time without taking any medicines, our parents my ailment miraculously our parents thus depended upon our lord in every matter and brought us up with their faith and belief in god's love.

Subsequently when I was 4 years old, i had a clot in my head which became very dangerous. It caused me lot of trouble with swelling , puss and bleeding .several people seen my brain from the wound .doctors expressed their hopelessness as the situation is very grave. Keeping aside the advices given by several people , my parents with utmost faith, reposed confidence and belief on the healer ,for whom they constantly prayed knotting on their knees. god did wonder and healed my ailment and made me to stand as a witness.

Again at my 7th year of age, due to poverty, i am forced to go out to pass urinals. At that time a stout pig at that place attacked and severely bitten me with its strong teeth at my right thigh . People who witnessed this scene felt very sad . the local elders, neighbors and believers forced my parents to make me to specialist doctor as otherwise I get " Delirium" which is most dangerous to life .however my parents did not obey their suggestions, instead of going to a human doctor, they relies upon their "Eternal Doctor" and prayed for him knelling on their knees. Thus from my childhood I know about the faithfulness, belief and experience of my parents that planted in my heart deeply. so from my childhood I am pulling on my life depending upon faith. I know I am healed by god's healing power

While my childhood thus going on in god's grace, in god's love and with utmost faith and constant prayers, I completed my primary high school and college education in V.S.R.& N.V.R College, Tenali town of Guntur district,A.P., India. when i became young, god called on me to his service . in obedience to his call and according to his planning , i dedicated my life to god and did " Theology at (SABC) Southern Asian Bible college , Bangalore". later I did " M.TH (Masters Degree in theology) at (IOBI) India bible institute ,Delhi". when I am thus continuing in the service of our lord ,the Jerusalem University Felicitated me awarding " Doctorate degree" .Subsequently i was also conferred with another "Doctorate degree from an Indian daisies". Added to it, taking into consideration of our several social service activities I received awards like "praja seva award" from the minister, government of Andhra Pradesh . Thus god made me to withstand for his service. An American Ministry felicitated me by awarding the Title "Bishop"

While thus continuing in the mighty service of our lord ,i developed day-by-day doing several service activities starting "MICA" MINISTRIES working with 500 pastors" for our lord, conducting many " crusades Pastors conference meeting, open air meeting, church meeting, T.V.Ministry", thus striving hard for the development of our lord's services in India. Beside these, we are taking up several activities under the banner of MICA MINISTRIES" such as " conducting schools for orphans children, digging bore wells , conducting medical camps , helping victims by natural calamities, feeding widows , orphan children , leprosy people, HIV/AIDS effected and infected people"

My wife " Ravi Kumari" as my co-worker extending me every support in maintaining the ministry and also in taking up several service activities .She is also striving hard for our lord conducting " Women's Ministries" and "Youth Meeting " and bringing total transformation among many a people and winning many young souls to the kingdom of our lord.

God blessed us two sons; the elder son is “Justice" and the second one is “Richards". Now they are in university education. I request you to kindly pray for them to come to the Lord's service and also pray for our MICA MINISTRIES to conduct many a crusades, pastors conference meeting and to take up several other social service activities in furture

We invite you to visit our website clicking at www.micaministries.com

We also request you to speak to me for any clarification calling to my mobile No 0091-98480-11289

We invite you to visit us once to see our work, to anoint pastors, to hold a crusade and pastors conference ,to visit our rural village churches and to win many a thousands of perishing souls to add to his kingdom.

May God bless and prosper you, your family and Ministry mightily.

Yours in His service



Mrs.& Apostal. Dr. ISAIAH P. Joseph (Parents of Dr.P.Isaiah)